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2019 check in: Two

It has been a trying couple of weeks.

AJ’s ear infection turned into a double ear infection. Then she climbed to the top of the cat tower and fell off. Then she started vomiting uncontrollably. All leading to us spending lots and lots of time with doctors. And her first visit to the ER to get a head CT. Nana and Pop pop came to visit to help out and Nana, Alex, and I also caught the stomach virus.

Needless to say my new years resolutions have gone by the wayside.

Tomorrow is a new day to start my getting strong workouts and to save money by not eating out. In the mean time enjoy some of the highlights from our past 2 weeks!

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Sunday Check In: ONE

Today will be 7 days of working out.

I have a little partner. AJ picks out the video I workout with every day.

Only one slip up on the no eating out front (did I mention that was my January mini goal). AJ has a double ear infection. The first antibiotic wasn’t working so we had to get a new one. Of course it’s the new year and insurance is all messed up. So we had to transfer the prescription to a new pharmacy where we could use a coupon to get it down from $85 to $20. Needless to say dinner that day was Macdonalds.

I wrote out all our January financial obligations to make a budget, but of course forgot a couple of things. February will be more accurate.

I am also working on giving myself grace. No one is perfect. Perfection is the enemy of the good.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. We are all works in progress give yourself and your loved ones grace.

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New Years

It’s a time for renewal. A time to reevaluate goals. A time to shed the past and look forward. I’m always one for lofty goals for the new year. How I see it is if you aim for the sky and fall short you still made it pretty far. So without further ado…

Twenty Nineteen (bring it on)

  • Get strong

  • Get real about finances
  • And debt

Put that shit in writing where we can see it and see our progress.

  • Meal planning (just do it)

Look into the jar method

  • Let go of toxicity in my life

Accepting that some things will never change and that it’s okay to let go.

  • Read more

This one is easy, but also can be hard depending on how the year goes.

  • Social media less

I already deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone. I’m taking a sabbatical from both for the month of January.

  • Be present for AJ

Less time on my GD phone

  • Spend more time with people who bring me joy.

Be with people in the real world. Laugh and cry with them. Be vulnerable and strong with them. Form relationships with people so AJ knows how to form relationships.

Okay. That’s my list. If you have a list of your own leave it in the comments. Let’s cheer each other on in our goals to be better in the new year.


Showing Up

I’m going to share with you something I’ve learned in my 37 plus years on this earth. Something that I didn’t fully comprehend until recently.

You need to show up. Show up for the people you love and care about. Show up in big ways, but also small ways.

I feel ashamed of how I acted in this regard in my 20s. I thought people didn’t care of I was there or not. I was depressed and tired, though not nearly as much as I have been in the past 2 years.

It may be an inconvenience for you to make the time and effort. The person will probably say oh it’s alright, I understand. Though if that person is anything like me they feel a little sad that you didn’t show up for them.

Showing up doesn’t mean you have to go to every single event or even say yes to every invite, but it is making a concerted effort to be a part of someone’s life. Invite them to coffee/ tea the following week if you cannot make it to their cookie party because your child cannot sleep without you. It’s texting your friend. It’s texting your mother-in-law. It’s a hand written note to you Best friend (which I need to do! And soon). It’s sending Christmas cards. It’s inviting people to Thanksgiving dinner.

Showing up is hard. Especially if you have anxiety. Self doubt is a bitch. Comparing your life to others is self defeating. Show up without any expectations that people will show up for you. Though in my experience when you show up, others show up for you.

Also show up for yourself. Do things that fill your cup or bucket or whatever you like. For me showing up for myself is joining hike it baby and making new friends in Bend while exploring the beauty of the outdoors.


F-you Instagram

For almost a week I’ve been having trouble posting on Instagram. All I want is to post photos of my cat and of my messy box laden house. But no. This is all I get.

I decided I’ll just post the photos here. Hahaha Instagram you have not thwarted me.

And obligatory moving photos

I guess enough procrastination. Time to tackle the kitchen with a toddler. This is going to take forever!