F-you Instagram

For almost a week I’ve been having trouble posting on Instagram. All I want is to post photos of my cat and of my messy box laden house. But no. This is all I get.

I decided I’ll just post the photos here. Hahaha Instagram you have not thwarted me.

And obligatory moving photos

I guess enough procrastination. Time to tackle the kitchen with a toddler. This is going to take forever!


Life’s Little Lists

Once upon a time I had a blog called Life’s Little Lists which evolved into what we have now in Polka Dots and Pastries.  While I from time to time think about deleting this and starting fresh with a new blog.  Though that would not really work for my life since I use this blog to keep track of our favorite recipes.  A place where I can always find what I want to eat.  So, for now, PD&P will stick around.  That is a long way of saying that I still love lists and here is my list for today!

  1. Reading is my favorite. I’m sure I’ve done all of these.
  2. Tracy loves lists too!
  3. I’ve been obsessively watching back seasons of Hell’s Kitchen.  I’m on Season 7!
  4. I’m sad season 5 is the last season of Fixer Upper.
  5. Even though my husband hates her style I’m in love with most of her designs.
  6. I’ve recently been turned onto Amber Interiors and love her style too.
  7. I listen to MFM on my way to and from work.  Love these ladies!
  8. I really want this bathing suit bottom and top.  I’m not liking the price.
  9. I think our family needs these shirts: Me, Alex, and Bebe.
  10. I want all these shirts from the Bee & the Fox: California, Mamasita, and Mama Tired.
  11. And Bebe and I need these shirts from Love Bubby: Bebe and me.



March Square: Four

I thought I took a photo from the outside looking in as well. To show off the pretty animals on the flags, but alas I did not. This hangs on the door of my favorite coffee/Pie shop in Multnomah Village. I’d love to live within walking distance to the village, but Alex doesn’t feel the same. He dislikes going to the village, but does agree the coffee shop is the best.

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Sometimes I just need a good pep talk.  Sometimes life just gets me down.  I have days where I just feel beaten.  I’m working on rolling with the punches.  Working on not taking things so personally that my core beliefs are shaken.  Self care needs to be a priority and work on positive self talk.  I love Brene Brown and her work.  I want to read all her books and give them to all the people in my life.  She is so inspiring and I would be on the right track if I followed her example in life.

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Just a little Saturday night note for y’all.

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