October 2008 Second Saturday

Second Saturday is not, in the terms of an officially

sanctioned in my English class, a Cultrual-Event. Though

I’m sure that there are many people from different

cultures showcasing their art. I went to support a friend

of mine and his artwork.

On the second Saturday of each month, many local

Sacramento galleries feature new shows of individual and

collective artists. Many galleries play host to the artists so

it’s a wonderful way to meet them in person. Some

galleries provide beverages, Hors d oeuvres, live music

and even dinner with the artist! Since many galleries are

grouped into two main areas in Sacramento, midtown and

along Del Paso Blvd (The Uptown Arts District), many

people like to take an ARTWALK and wonder from gallery

to gallery and make and evening of art and people viewing.

More galleries and venues can be found in Old Sacramento,

Downtown Sacramento as well as in outlying areas including

Folsom & Fair Oaks. (

As I drove down the crowded Downtown Sacramento street I could see all the people milling around. Enjoying the many musical groups playing along the different streets. The crowds swooped in and out of the different establishments that had converted their everyday space into art galleries. The scene was even completed with a 9-11 conspiracy theorist with a booth on the corner near the destination I was headed for.

The particular place that I was headed was a gym called Body Tribe. Now you can imagine that a gym might not be the first place you would think would lend itself to an art show but this gym was the perfect venue. With all the equipment pushed aside or placed out of site. And all the walls are painted different colors, it was a gym that I thought would be neat to work out in. It felt more like a home with the 3 different cats running around than the usual sterile environment of most gyms. For more information about this gym go to

Of course all of the art work was facinating. There was the Scary Art Collective’s work at Body Tribe but there were so many more artists at many different locations all around the downtown area.

All of the pictures are of the work by an artist named Dan Gregor or Gregor the Butcher of Bohemia.

Gregor has a very comic book like style. All the paintings at this exhibit were mostly of people who are dressed like or have animal features.

I very much wanted to take one of these two, the girls with the horns home with me. But alas my student budget doesn’t allocate for purchases of art work.

If you like what you see or would like to find out more about Dan Gregor and his art work feel free to contact him on his MySpace page.

I didn’t want to just focus on one artist the whole time so the following are work of other Artists in the Scary Art Collective. However I forget the names of the artists and couldn’t make them out in the photos. For more information about the Scary Art Collective visit:


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