Cleaning, Zoey

Day Eight

So my day starts off late for we didn’t roll in until about two in the morning last night after a long day soaking up the sun and hanging out with friends.

This first thing I find is where my sewing machine was hiding. Not that it was lost per-say but hidden from view. On the left is Hubby’s old computer that I thankfully convinced him to get rid of.

I sorted out the Winter coats and sweatshirts on one side getting rid of some that have never been warn. On the other side are long dresses and costumes.

Zoey was a big help. She was a seek and destroy machine on all the spiders that were unearthed from the moving of furniture that has sat unchanged for two years.

Maybe now Hubby wont have bites on his legs after sitting at the desk. At least until the spiders move back in, but that is a story for another day.

“I’d rather be a failure at something I’m in love with than a success at something I hate”.

This was some great advice I found while sorting out papers. It is something that I need to remember. Especially when I forget that money is not the only thing a job is for and when I’m suffering from low self esteem about pursuing my career in Anthopology.

The final product.

Though I would still like to make some curtains for the window and add a book shelf for all the books that are now in stacks in the living room.

But for now it is a success.


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