Books, Life

Library Adventure 9-9-10

As the day dawned I decided it was time to head to the library and return the strange book know as the Bell Witch.

Since my soul has felt the crushing weight of my husband’s unemployment, I delved into uncharted territory of self help.

I am still unconvinced that self help books actually help, but anything would be better than this horrible feeling of utter destruction every waking moment.

The other two books were inspired by my recent attempt to be more creative in my life. However once again I am limited by the fact that there is no extra money coming in, thus I cannot purchase the materials I need to make the things I want to make. But alas I thought research on the subject matter always is a good idea. Thus I came home with the sew simple, sew right book and the fantastic costume book. The latter I should have looked at before taking it home with me for it is just full of terrible children’s costumes and since I neither have a child nor is there one in the near future for me this is not a good choice. I hope the other book proves to be useful. However only time will tell.


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