Quilts, Sewing

Quilts and Kittens

The cute Calico that I’m tempted to keep as my own. She lives a few houses down from me and if she doesn’t find a home she is going to be going to the shelter. It makes me sad, but I cannot afford another kitty. I’ll just have to be content with the two that I have. It’s such a shame. 😦

This quilt was one of my first attempts at making a patchwork quilt. I made it a few years ago and I’m feeling like I should try again to make a better one.
These are the scraps that I found in some of my storage bins. I think I have enough to make another small quilt without having to purchase more fabric. However I still might want more fabric just to make it more symmetrical and add more variety to the whole endeavor. Wal-Mart has quite a few Halloween fabrics that are reasonably priced. I just feel that I should not be spending money on anything other than food and bills. I need to get myself out of debt. Then there can be all the sewing projects to my hearts content.

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