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Chrsitamas 2010

Christmas this year was different. It was the first time in a long time where my husband and I had enough money to not only get presents for our families, but also for each other as well.

I was so excited that I had purchased my husband RockBand 3. I hid it in the closet until as close to Christmas as I could then I wrapped it and placed it under the tree hoping that he would not pick it up and look at it. But, alas he told me on Christmas day the he already knew what he was getting. I had so hoped to surprise him.

As far as what I received I knew as soon as I saw the wrapped packages. It’s not that I didn’t want these items (I did) I just like to be surprised come the big day. We will have to work on our surprising each other techniques for Christmas 2011.

Here are the Books we received for Christmas. On the left my hubby got me Sew Liberated and Spider Bones. Santa gave him History’s Greatest Deceptions and his grandma gave him Washington: A Life.

To supplement my Christmas books I purchased Cleaving on sale at the grocery store. Then I proceeded to Barnes and Nobel to spend my gift card I received from the Secret Santa Exchange at my job. There I picked up Dan Brown’s new book Lost Symbol and to my pleasant surprise the complete two box set of Learning the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. The cook books were 50% off of their $100.00 price tag. So I just could not pass that opportunity up.

I hope all of my readers had a wonderful Christmas filled with time with family and presents. Though I’m partial to the book presents the other ones are very appreciated as well. Thank you to all who have given me so much this year.

I always appreciate your comments or book recommendations. ~Dianna


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