Cooking, MtAoFC

MtAoFC Part 2

According to Julia “this is a book for the servantless”,which I certainly am, “American cook who can be unconcerned on occasion with budgets, waistlines, time schedules, children’s meals, the parent-chauffeur-den-mother syndrome, or anything else which might interfere with the enjoyment of producing something wonderful to eat” (xxii). So with this advice in mind I am about to jump off the bridge and dive right into French cooking.

The only problem is I’m not entirely sure I like French cooking. The only time I’ve had the opportunity to eat French food was many years ago. During my senior year in high school my English class took a trip to Ashland, Oregon.

There my two dear friends, Meg and Sierra, took this poor penniless child out to eat at a real restaurant. I remember the price tag for our dinner being over a hundred dollars, but for the life of me I cannot remember what we had to eat. It was not bad or I would have remember it far more vividly.

With the hope that the food was exquisite and wonderful I am determined to not give up. And in the words of Julia fall under these ” ‘Too much trouble,’ ‘Too expensive,’ or ‘Who will know the difference'”. Which according to Julia are “death knells for good food” (xxiv).

So without further pontification I will leave you today with Julia’s words of wisdom.

“The most important ingredient you can bring to it is love of cooking for its own sake” (xxiv).

As always, I appreciate your comments or book recommendations. ~Dianna


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