2011 List

Things I hope to accomplish this year.

  1. Read 86 Books
  2. Make New Quilt for my Bed
  3. Learn to Knit
  4. Go Back to School
  5. Make a Sew Liberated Pattern
  6. Study for GRE
  7. Sign up for GRE
  8. Take GRE
  9. Get Letters of Recommendation
  10. Apply to Grad School
  11. Renew Divers License
  12. Renew Professional License
  13. Renew Professional Certificate
  14. Pay off Car
  15. Taxes
  16. Pay off card one
  17. Pay off card two
  18. Pay off card three
  19. Pay off card four
  20. Pay off card five
  21. Cook
  22. Be Happy
  23. Get a Pen Pal
  24. Write to my friend April once a week


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