Target Tuesday: Kitchen Edition

Target Tuesday: Kitchen Edition

That’s right I’m going to give you my kitchen wish list for this Target Tuesday. Okay so I’m always showing my kitchen wish list. Maybe next time I’ll do the bedroom. Or something else.Garlic Press

I know, why don’t I have one of these already. The answer is that I’ve never really thought to purchase one.

Mortar and Pestle

I have a small on but this big one will help with my MtAoFC recipes.


You can never have enough of these.


You can never have enough of these.

Knife Set

I need, need, need a good knife set. Currently we have just a jumble of crappy and semi-crappy knives.

Cooking Set

These are a lovely set of cookware, complete with stainless steel handles so they can go into the oven if needed.

Bakeware Set

I’d love these beautiful baking dishes.

Food Mill

This is not the one I really want, but it’s close.

Ninja Blender

Now who doesn’t want a blender that’s a ninja. And I finally threw away the blender we received as a wedding present. Time for an upgrade.

Immersion Mixer

All I can think about when I see this is perfectly pureed French soups. I must have it! Now the only question is Red or Black!


I know you are thinking why is there a toaster on here. Well I don’t have one. And I never think to get one until I need some toast. Which is surprisingly not that often.


I do have one. However the microwave I currently have is a hand-me-down. Not that hand-me-downs are bad I love them, but this one is on it’s last legs and sometimes I’m afraid to use it. Hubby says we should just chuck it, but I want a new one first.

Happy Cooking



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