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I am on a quest to find curry leaves.

And before you say just buy some curry powder, here is something you need to know (and I just recently learned).  Curry powder is a varied mixture of spices, which does not include curry leaves.  Where as curry leaves are well, leaves.

I have searched high and low.

In town:

  • Both Raley’s (a local upscale grocery establishment)
  • Winco (they have all those bulk spices)
  • S & S Produce
  • Asian Market
  • Hers Asian Food Market

In Roseville:

  • Williams and Sonoma (where I found another elusive spice, Black Mustard Seeds)
  • Crate and Barrel (I was trying everywhere at the mall)

Anyways they were all great stores, but they did not carry the elusive curry leaves.

My friend who lives in Richmond, Virgina, offered to check her local stores for my leaves.  She is in the process of moving back to California so if she finds them then I would have them in about 2 weeks.

Failing that I’m going to order them from an online spice store.  I was hoping to find them locally, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.


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