Small Blog Meet

Small Blog Meet

Hello everyone.

I’m Dianna and I have a small (less than 20 followers) blog.

The name of my blog has been a long time coming (just ask Steph over at Hope Sewing is Genetic). I’ve changed it many time over the past year, but I’m finally happy with Polka Dots and Pastries (two of my favorite things). I think the name merges my two main interests (sewing and baking/cooking) nicely.

A little of my blogging history:

I started blogging back in 2008 for a class I was taking on international literature (see my 2008 posts if you are interested in what I wrote about). Mostly that was writing responses to questions posed by the professor about the assigned books.

Then I stopped blogging. I had no more prompts so why blog?

I then pick blogging back up this time last year. At the time I wanted to blog about making a Halloween costume. Well things did not go according to plan.

I ended up making a Halloween themed quilt. Though to be honest I don’t think what I made qualified as quilting since I really didn’t know how to quilt and I just flew by the seat of my pants. And well to this day the quilting part is still not complete. So I guess I should call it a blanket?


Lets move on to the new “quilt” (and I’m using that term loosely since I still had not learned my lesson) that I made earlier this year. The Queen Quilt. It’s just a basic patchwork. However, I still had not learned to quilt before I bound it. So it’s all “done” except the quilting. I think what I’m going to do is tie it. Any other ideas are welcome.

Queen Quilt 2

Finally, I caught on to how to quilt properly after making the Patchwork Place mats from Sew Liberated‘s first book. So my next quilt will be done properly. Now I just need to find the time.

placemats 004

I hope you enjoy my blog. I talk about everything from trips I take to the river with my husband, Alex to Mastering the Art of French Cooking recipes I’ve tried out and well everything in between.


22 thoughts on “Small Blog Meet”

  1. Found you via Lily's – I always find that I need something specific to write about, and so often it is making things that prompts me to post. I think your quilts are lovely – wonderful for a complete beginner, too!

    Pomona x


  2. love your quilts – and the actual quilting bit does take a little time – i confess i hated scrabbling about the floor trying to pin everything together ready for either hand or machine quilting – so i bought a Gammill long arm – MUCH easier!!


  3. Hi Diana, I'm visiting you via Lynnes small blog meet up! Love your two quilts here and place mats are a great thing to practise on. Also I'm fascinated that you are reading a book about Julia Child. We recently watched the movie Julie and
    Julia – have you seen it? Danielle x


  4. Yes, lots of different blog names for Ms. Dianna! You're always welcome to stop over at our place to use our living room floor for spreading out and basting a quilt – just give me a few minutes' notice to corral Wrench and Molly and to sweep! πŸ˜‰


  5. Hi Dianna – found you through LQ and I thought I'd stop and say hello! I love the quilts you've made so far – the Halloween one is lovely! I think ties would look good on the red and black quilt or you could sew buttons at the intersections – I saw a quilt finished like this at a show and it looked lovely (you'd need a lot of buttons, though!). Good luck with your blog!


  6. I wandered over here from Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet and enjoyed reading about your projects. I too have hopped around a bit about what to call my blog, and actually just settled it today! I've also done many “quilts” that had no quilting in it. You might try hand quilting your unfinished one “in the ditch”, making large blocks of nine smaller blocks or four smaller blocks as you go. The knots from hand quilting are fairly easy to hide under an already finished binding!


  7. I love those placemats!! Don't worry, I call myself a quilter but have never actually “quilted” yet… a little intimidated!!

    Hello from the Small Blog Meet πŸ™‚


  8. Hi Diana!
    Found you at Lily's Quilts SBH!

    You sound alot like me. Start.Stop.Start.Stop…
    Life kinda gets in the way! Halloween IS my FAV. So your “Quiltie” is fine by me! I'm your 33rd!


  9. Hello~I am adding you to my side bar. I used to have over 200 followers, started my blog fresh and clean, and now I do not have a follower button. It makes me feel better not trying to 'get popular' with other blogs. I love your blog!


  10. Diana, Small blog hopping and I found you. I too love to fly by the seat of my pants. I bought a long arm and jumped in. I finally went and took a class and they told me I was doing it wrong. Why I asked the results were the same. The teacher said but nobody does it that way. I just told her to call me Nobody from now on and changed my name tag to that. so who cares! I am going to follow to see what you fly into next


  11. Hi Diana, I'm a small blog traveller also – I agree with Susan… I know that the 'correct' methods have just been arrived at through trial and error, but what's life without variety :)I'm self taught and I love to make it up, love your colours by the way – very earthy


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