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Waiting for Rain

I know that it is still summer and most people are holding on to the last visages of the heat, but I’m waiting for the rain.

Rain, for me, always makes life seem so much easier to handle. I sleep better. I have more motivation. I can get out my winter coats. The cats grow back their fluffy fur. I can start stacking blankets on my bed.

But for now…

I’m just waiting for the rain.


Works in progress.

Queen Quilt


I’ve decided to quilt it with buttons.



I’m almost done with my scarf.


And I’d like to start knitting this blanket.


With this yarn.


We’ll see how that goes. I’m not daunted, yet, by learning how to knit.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Rain”

  1. I just found your blog and I think that it is so interesting! I love fabric diy. I would love to follow each other! Only if you like my blog, of course 😉



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