It’s fall or at least that is what my calendar is telling me.

Apparently it rained yesterday, but I missed it. Now it wont rain again for several more weeks. Just my luck. All I have to prove that water was falling from the sky is smudgy water marks all over my car. It didn’t even rain enough to wash my car off, not I have to go to the car wash.

Oh well, back to FALL.

This morning before work I had to stop and get a caramel apple cider. Though they (Starbucks) doesn’t call it that anymore. No matter that is what I still order!

So now I’m sitting here sipping my salute to Fall. Wishing I could so this everyday.

Wait I can.

Luckily this one is easy to recreate on my own.

Here is my recipe for caramel apple cider.


  • Apple cider (or Apple Juice)
  • Caramel (the kind used for ice cream topping)


  • Heat desired amount of cider on stove top in a small sauce pan.
  • Add caramel
  • Serve in fancy mug.

Happy Monday


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