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Small Blog Meet: April

Lily's Quilts
 March just flew by. I had so much planned and nothing got accomplished.
 A few weeks ago I purchased these beautiful fat quarters. 445

You can imagine from this photo what the final quilt might look like (minus the kitty feet) with the dark background and bright colorful circles.This weekend I was able to scrap together enough time to work on my circles.

Here are the circles I’ve already cut
Here are the Fat Quarters freshly laundered and pressed

Zoey always likes to help when I’m cutting fabric. 024 Here are some of the cut circles spread out on the type of black fabric that they will someday soon become attached to. 025 026

I’m hoping that April will be more productive than March was, but I have three small papers to write, one large paper to write and a test to study for. Also a week in Portland with friends. So w’ll see if I get much more done on this quilt this month!


14 thoughts on “Small Blog Meet: April”

  1. Hiya dropping by to follow along with your blog!
    That project looks like it's going to be interesting!
    Can't wait to see what you achieve this month =D


  2. I feel with you on the papers .. I finished mine this morning, jsut have to print it out and hand it in tomorrow before getting started on the other things.
    Wishing you a productive April!


  3. Popping by from the small blog meet, hiya! I love the helpful kitty – I have a 'helpful' bunny, but the only contribution he seems to make is hair and hay EVERYWHERE! Can't wait to see what you make with those circles! 🙂


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