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The rest of the day (7-27)
New Mexico


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A day of rest on a Saturday in Santa fe.

We enjoyed a homemade breakfast with good friends.
Then we went and saw the new Batman movie (excellent).
Next our friend Andrew along with his two cute dogs (Pumpkin and Von) went on a hike.

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While this sounds like a good idea I think we should have skipped the hike.  Considering it was above 7,000 feet and for the past 4 years we have been living at about 1,000 feet (elevation).  You are forced to realize how out of shape you are exerting yourself at high elevations.
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That night we all went out to dinner at a New Mexican restaurant, Casa Chimayo.  It was fabulous.  The best food we had on the trip so far.  I’d love to go back and eat there again and again and again.
The end of the day was early(ish) to bed for we had to get up early for the drive the next day.
Map of Santa fe.

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