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Oklahoma or Bust

We left New Mexico around 6:30 (local time, for you Californians that would be 5:30 am) in the morning.  The day was spectacular, but as per Alex’s and I driving arrangements I always drive first so no good pictures of the glorious morning.
Breakfast in Tucumcari, NM
It was a smooth drive into Texas, where we stopped to get gas at this tiny little town where the gas station was also the post office.
(Some random picture of Texas)

082 083

After Texas we entered Oklahoma.  It was greener than I thought it would be.
Around 6:30 p.m. (for you Californians that would be 4:30 pm) we arrived at my best girl-friend from high school’s home.  We met her very nice boyfriend (him and Alex talked WOW all night long) and her super cute dog (Margo!).
She cooked dinner for us and we all watched some of the Olympics.
Over all a good day back to the trip.

At this point my photo taking has taken a nose dive.


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