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Updated About Page!


I’m Dianna.

At the end of July 2012, my husband, Alex and I packed our car with as much of our possessions as we could fit and drove off into the sunrise.  We left behind books, plates, shoes, desks, wine glasses, and our beloved kitties.  Don’t worry, the kitties and everything else are staying with Alex’s parents.

After a long five day drive (which took us six days), we landed in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

Read all about our Journey, Day One , Day Two , Day Three , Day Four , Day Five , and  Day Six .

We are now settling into our new home in the basement of a DC suburb house.  As we do this we await the arrival of our kitties, search for a job for Alex and I prepare myself for the year ahead of grad school.  On September fifth I begin a Masters of Montessori Education at Loyola University Maryland.  I am truly blessed to have this opportunity, if you had asked me last year where I would be right now I would have never guessed that I’d be this far away from California, let alone starting a graduate program.

For this year I’m unsure what direction this blog will go, but I hope you stick around.

This will be our journey together.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay.

The Players:


Blogger, Dancer, Reader, Sewer or Sewist, Photo taker, Maker of things edible and not so edible, Lover of things old.

REno 042


Husband, Video game player, Pasta Maker, Griller extraordinaire.

Pasta 5


Cat, Breaker of dishes, Player of cat toys, Catnip aficionado.



Baby Kitty, Snuggler, Nuzzler, Biter, Lover of laps and laptops. 

Zoey and my Lap top 1


5 thoughts on “Updated About Page!”

  1. Good luck in your new adventure — DC is truly an exciting place to live, many free things to do and see. Had to comment on your Zoey — I have a kitten with very similar coloration, who also BITES! Her name was originally Chocolate Mousse (all my cats have food names, what can I say?) but when we discovered she liked to “nip” if not petted in exactly the right way, we changed her name to Moussa Koussa (I'm not a terrorist) after the former foreign minister of Libya.


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