East Coast, Life

Just a Day in January

Here is the view from the room I’ve been spending quite a bit of my time in lately. 
Taken yesterday morning.

It overlooks a man-made lake which is frozen and covered in snow.
Today marks 184 days since we left California.
Which means it’s approximatly 177 days until we see California again.  Oh, it is nice to be past the half way mark.
It snowed again today and our new windshield wipers are not working properly.
I’m not a fan of snow.  Especially East Coast snow that sticks to everyone and everything, then ice forms underneath.
But, on the upside I was able to leave school an hour early today.  I did not beat the flakes home, but the drive was easier since less traffic was on the road.
That is enough musings for one evening.
Have a wonderful evening and hope that Maryland is kinder to me tomorrow.

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