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Today is my birthday.
And I’m missing my Grandma 
Here we are together when I was very young.  

Don’t you love the Polaroid.  I know I love them. 
Looking at this photo makes me realize how much I look like my grandmother  other than the dark curly hair.     
I never really realized this.  I know I look like my mother (as much as I dislike this).
Here I am around the age of one, with my favorite Teddy bear.
I know it’s a Christmas photo, but I’m just a few months shy of 2 years in this photo.
Which brings me to age three.  This is a few months after my third birthday.  
Again you gotta love the Polaroid and my dear Aunt Judy’s handwriting.
Here I’m celebrating my 7th birthday with my girl scout troop.
And my birthday last year.
This is March in Northern California.  
I’m spending the day with three to six year old’s and I’m far away from all my family and friends.  
Hopefully, I’ll be with them all for my birthday next year.  
Happy Tuesday!
Happy Last Day of Winter.
And Happy Thirty-Two.


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