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Fabulous Friday Links

Today is my last day practice teaching and well I’m glad, but there are a couple of children I’ll miss.
Tonight, Alex and I are going into the city for dinner with new friends to celebrate my birthday.
We have reservations at Jaleo.
I’m so excited!  It has been awhile since we have ventured into the city, but it’ll be our first time going out to dinner in D.C.
This place is a tapas place and sounds delicious!
Then tomorrow starts my two week spring break.
Don’t be too jealous since I’m going to be working on finishing my language materials and studying for my written exams.
  1. I’m totally obsessed with banana bread.  THIS one sounds divine and possibly will not ruin Alex and I’s diet.
  2. Speaking of our diet I really want to pick up THIS workout DVD.  It would work it’s self in nicely with our other DVDs: 30-Day Shred, Six-Week Six-Pack, Killer Buns and Thighs, Last Chance Workout, and the New York City Ballet Workout I.
  3. I’m contemplating becoming a vegan and THIS dish sounds great.  Though I don’t eat much cheese the idea of never eating it again, doesn’t appeal to me.  So, maybe a mostly vegan?  We’ll see.
  4. I want to make THIS soon.  Possibly this weekend, like tomorrow.  Only to convince Alex that he should like mushrooms.  That’ll be a battle.
  5. I need some cool tart pans like: THIS or THIS.
  6. And some mini ones like THESE.
  7. To make THIS.  Because Fall is never far from my heart.

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