Life, Moving, Travel

The Day I discovered I have a slight fear of heights

Morning came early in New Mexico, we ate breakfast for one last time at Cracker barrel and headed out.

954 956 963 970 974 976 978 And into Arizona. 981 987 988 989 990 991 992 995 1000 Notice the People? 1002 Or my look of utter discomfort at being asked to turn my back to the cavernous drop behind me. 1005 Then we were in Nevada… Almost home. 1012 Three Cheers for the Pacific Time Zone! 1014 In Vegas we stayed at Caesars Palace. They upgraded our room. This is our view! 1017 1018 1019 1025 Toilet with a bidet next to it
 Giant Jacuzzi Tub
 Walk through shower to the other side which had another toilet and sink! 1030

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