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I feel black.

I want to wear black nail polish but I work with small children.  So I compromise and wear dark purple and dark blue nail polish instead on alternating weeks.

I’ve dug out all my old black shirts and black pants.  But I try and pair them with something a bit more colorful, which ends up being something dark purple or grey.

I feel dark.

So dark that I bring home from the library “Beloved” and “The Tent”.

So dark that tonight I went to Safeway and purchased a package of black hair dye.  Came home and dyed my hair black.

Black hair is back and a new book to read, this should be a good week.

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What will be the reaction of the children tomorrow?

Will being black on the outside make me less dark feeling on the inside?  Probably not, but it is worth a try.

Though things are starting to look up in this world.  I made a new friend.  I know this sounds strange coming from a 33 year old woman, but making new friends at this age when you are stressed out all the time about your job is difficult.

Face painting

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So come what may things will be better from now on.

Black hair and all.


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