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Weeks and Weekends

Wow how times flies.  It does not matter if there is fun involved or not.  Alex and I are in the process of making some hot and sour soup.  When ever that is finished we will be putting the recipe up here.

I’ve been working on some Suzy Rogers Reading Mitts.  Here is my Work in Progress.  I’ve gone to many craft nights over the past few weeks.  I’m hoping to at least have one mitt done in the next week or so.


School has started up and we are in the fourth week back from winter break.  Last week the class and I went ice skating.  After wards I stopped off at Barnes and Nobel and picked up a puzzle.  I’ve spent the last week diligently working in my spare time.  I finished it up last night.  Here are some of the in progress shots.





Just a lazy Sunday with a puzzle and Todd in the Shadows.

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Puzzle done!

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and well I’ve been remiss in my reading.  I have yet to update my goodreads challenge for the new year.  Additionally, I’ve started three books and have not made much progress in them.  I’m trying to convince my friend to start a book group with me so that I’ll keep up with my reading for this year.  We’ll see if that happens.  Happy Monday my friends.


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