Alaska, Museums, Travel

Anchorage Museum


On the last day of June Alex and I visited downtown Anchorage and walked through the Anchorage Museum.


The Fourth floor was an exhibit on Baseball in Alaska



The third floor was an exhibit on James Cook and exploring the northwest passage. No photographs were allowed.

The second floor held a plethora of Inuit artifacts



Some stunning photographs



And and exhibit on Anchorage 393




The first floor held a children exploritorium, some city of Anchorage maps, and the gift shop. I love gift shops it is one of my most favorite things to do. I know they are are a bit contrite. That there are the some items found in all gift shops from all over the united states, but I love looking at all the little things. This gift shop was especially wonderful since it was chock full of books about Alaska. I could have spent hours in there, but we had only a set amount of time on our parking space and it was running out.

We returned to the downtown area a few days later to just explore the many gift shops that were for Anchorage. This was an interesting experience since we sat and watched bus load after bus load of tourists from cruise ships while we enjoyed a reindeer hot-dog.


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