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2015 Year end review

Twenty Fifteen was a year of change and a year of things staying the same.

We made lots of cottage pie.


I attempted to knit some gloves. 050

Zoey helped me put together some puzzles.


I made a Chocolate Cake 032

With Vanilla Butter Cream


We made hot and sour soup. 245

And beautiful chicken


Alex spent the summer in Alaska and I visited him for a week. 060


I read THE book about organizing 433

And this happened to my house…

007 006

009 015

004 005


I helped my friend set up her classroom for the summer. 104

I made these chocolate almond butter bars


I made these cool taco bites. 010

I got a new stop staring dress


And some things from Alex’s grandmother. 019


I went roller skating (Alex watched) 038

I got a new sewing machine and a new camera


We attended the retro gaming expo 198

We learned Mama has kidney disease


Saw some awesome fall leaves 113

I cut off all my hair!


Made an arrabbiata sauce


Dressed up and went out for Halloween 181

Meet this little lady


We hung out with these two fools for Christmas IMG_0692

We put up a Christmas Tree this year!

And Zozo was beyond happy about it.

Christmas cat! Zozo loves the tree so very much.

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In the end I’ve acquired 6 new cookbooks for my collection


Now to think of what I’d like 2016 to look like.


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