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And then it was the last day of April

I blinked and it is almost summer.  One of my favorite bloggers (sewliberated) has recently come back from a long hiatus and I realized that I had not posted here since January.  So much has happend in the past four months.

The biggest thing is that our beloved Mama Kitty died.  She had been diagnosed with kidney disease in October.  In March she started to become lethargic and at the beginning of April she succumbed to something.  The vet thinks she might have had a brain tumor in addition to her kidney problems.  We cried a lot and now we have a little Mama  shrine with her photo, ashes, and paw print.

Zoey and Mamasita in the late afternoon sunshine.

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We have found a new kitten.  Zoey needs a companion and we need another animal to fill the void that Mam left.  No one can replace her, but I feel that loving a new kitten will help the healing process.  We get to take her home in three to four weeks.


What has been going on with my sporadic posting?

I would like to say that I took all these breaks from blogging these past four years for some noble purpose. The reality is that only the first year was for self improvement, earning my master’s degree, the rest has been in a self destructive spiral.  I  have succumb to the destructive power of perfectionism.  Which combined with the low sunlight levels of the pacific northwest plunged me into a deep depression.  Last November it all came to a head and I started taking antidepressants.  I’ve spent the last few months just getting myself back to feeling a fraction of myself.  I’ve been able to be more present for my husband.  I’ve spent more time on self care. While I still have a long way to go, things feel like they are going in the right direction.

I want to get back to a place where I’m baking, cooking, and sewing with pictures for all of you, but I’m not quite there yet.  There are more changes coming for my little family in the near future.  Hopefully, once we have moved into our new apartment and Alex has taken the bar I will have some time to breath and be present in this space as well as in my life.

In the meantime I’m reading lots and snuggling with Zozo.

Zozo snuggles.

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What my weekend looks like. How about you?

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