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Social Anxiety on Social Media


I wanted to hide yesterday and never come out again.  Going off of my antidepressants has been a little rough this time around.  From the constant nausea to the oppressive anxiety it has not been a cake walk.

I recently joined a satirical facebook group surrounding writing a haiku about free stuff found on the side of the rode in Portland.  I have yet to actually writing something to post in the group.  I fear judgment.  I fear looking stupid.  I fear people not liking me.  You know the typical fears.

With all that in mind I came very close yesterday to posting for the first time.  Here are the pictures of the objects I found on the side of the rode during my travels yesterday.


Flip flop and or thong

Why have you forsaken me

Oh, wait they’re not mine


A hat in the tree

A sprinkler sputtering loud

Hope no one gets lice


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