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So, I’ve been very bad at posting lately.  Well really for the past few years, but we wont talk about that.  I was getting better this summer with my weekly photo blog posts, which I really liked because I was using my big camera more!  Then this happened…


And everything changed.


August, September, and most of October are a blur of constant nausea and exhaustion mixed with starting a new job.

Towards the middle of October things began to look up and we actually left the house. These are our October adventures…

20160926_190649 20160927_185041

Zelda had her reproductive organs removed and she succeeded in pulling out two of her stitches.

20161008_080116 20161011_165249

20161009_153919 20161014_201038

We attended a wedding in Silver Falls State Park that had no power, but beautiful hiking trails.

20161015_150242 20161015_150953

We carved (and by we I mean Alex carved while I watched) a pumpkin that took less than a week to turn moldy and gross.

20161016_153948 IMG_20161016_155236

We attended the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and of course attended the costume contest!

IMG_2097 IMG_2094

IMG_2091 IMG_2079


And in the very last moments of October we adopted this little guy.


So that was October.  I hope everyone has a wonderful November.


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