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Looking towards the future I’m wanting this Kallax 4 X 4 cube shelf from Ikea.  My ideal is to use it in a playroom/craft room and have the bottom shelves for bebe and the top shelves for myself.  Like this inspirational room from SewLiberated.  Of course this is something that is far down the line, but one can dream.

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Montessori Infant Books

While I was pregnant I read so many pregnancy books it makes my head spin thinking about them now.  In my third trimester I realized I needed to also read book about after the baby was born.  I mean the birth is only one moment.  Everything after is what I really should have been preparing for.  So at that moment I started reading…

Montessori at home guide: a short introduction to Maria Montessori and a practical guide to apply her inspiration at home for children ages 0-2 by A.M. Sterling.  By short it means really short.  Only nine pages are dedicated to the first six months of life.  This wet my whistle and I delved into the quintessential Montessori baby book.

Understanding the Human Being: the importance of the first three years of life by Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro, M.D.  If you are scientifically minded this is the book for you.  Doctor Montanaro delves into brain, physical, and physiological development from prenatal to three years old.  She give us the why behind the things that we do for children of this age range.  Next up…

The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three by Susan Mayclin Stephenson.  If you are a Primary (3-6) guide and you haven’t read this book.  Go now and get it.  I wish I had read this book before taking over the classroom I lead for three years.  This book would have made a huge difference in helping the two and half year olds that routinely where place in my room.  If I was going to have a toddler classroom this book would be my bible.  These last two books I’ll have to admit I haven’t finished reading yet.  There was a little thing of running out of time to read since I gave birth and now have an almost four month old…

Montessori from the Start: The Child at Home, from Birth to Age Thee by Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen.  This is the book I’m working on reading in the very small moments I have to read these days.  It reminds and reinforces the things I read in the the other books.  And…

how to raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin.  This book is full of practical activities to do with your child.  While this book has a few infant things mostly it is geared towards an older child.  This book is definitely going to be in my rotation soon.  Finally, the book I didn’t even start…

Montessori Parenting: Unveiling the Authentic Self by Dr. Jim and Sonnie McFarland.  I’m looking forward to delving into this book as time allows.

All of these books are wonderful I’m not sure I could tease out just one book for parents new to Montessori, but I also realize that not everyone has the time or inclination to read six books on this subject.  I mean I haven’t even read them all and I’m a little OCD when it comes to reading.  Good luck fellow parents and I hope my brief reviews of these books has help.


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My Week in Photos (June 26)


I found this perfect Montessori spooning work all set up in New Seasons.


The books I’ve been reading this week.  I finished Origins and it was amazing.

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