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My last two weeks…

So much has happened.  Big life changes and a trip to California.

On Monday the 15th of August I left my job!  It was time after being there for three years.  Better things are on the horizon.  Though I will miss some of the children that I left behind.

Here are some photos from the past two weeks!


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My Week in Photos (July 23)



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My Week In Photos (July 9)



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My Week in Photos (June 26)


I found this perfect Montessori spooning work all set up in New Seasons.


The books I’ve been reading this week.  I finished Origins and it was amazing.

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2015 Year end review

Twenty Fifteen was a year of change and a year of things staying the same.

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Weeks and Weekends

Wow how times flies.  It does not matter if there is fun involved or not.  Alex and I are in the process of making some hot and sour soup.  When ever that is finished we will be putting the recipe up here.

I’ve been working on some Suzy Rogers Reading Mitts.  Here is my Work in Progress.  I’ve gone to many craft nights over the past few weeks.  I’m hoping to at least have one mitt done in the next week or so.


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Pumpkin Patch


Happy Pumpkin Patch day! That you To Starbucks for making my chai latte so much better with coconut milk.

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Fall is here.  It is that time again for pumpkins and colored leaves.  This last Saturday my class went to pick pumpkins and I picked up a new scarf in honor of the event.  Here are some pictures from the farm.

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My Classroom: The begining

I guess I’ve been ignoring this space quite a bit lately.  I thought you all would like a glimpse into where I’ve been sending all my time.  Today’s post will have before pictures.  This is what the room looked like when I took over in September!