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My last two weeks…

So much has happened.  Big life changes and a trip to California.

On Monday the 15th of August I left my job!  It was time after being there for three years.  Better things are on the horizon.  Though I will miss some of the children that I left behind.

Here are some photos from the past two weeks!


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Going Away

We are leaving… All too soon… But the great thing about leaving is people give you wonderful gifts to remember them by. Here is what we have received of late (of course they have to come with us on our journey)
This quilt was made for me by a lady who works in the same store as I do, but a different department!
This was my therapist’s goodbye gift.
And while this is not really a goodbye gift but a hello nice to meet you for the first time I thought I’d include it in this post anyways.
This Alaskan bear is from a friend of Alex and I’s whom he meet on the internet many years ago. It just so happened that they (him, his lovely wife, and his parents) were passing this way on their tour of the west coast. We felt very honored to meet them and that we were still here (barely).
 Also tonight the kitties went home to Grass Valley to stay with family until we find a place to live. I’m super sad to not have them here with me.
Wish me the strength to not be sad with out my babies.  
Have a great week and I’ll post pictures from the trip possibly along the way.  
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Okay, Really Saturday today.

Apparently I’m off a day.
With five days to go, we had friends and family over for a farewell BBQ
 Here are the pictures this almost four year old, niece took with my big black camera.

005 006 007 008 009 010Yes that’s Steph from Hope Sewing is Genetic (if she would ever blog again!)

011012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022

A really awful close up of me as tried to hold the heavy camera and talk to my Niece at the same time as she took my picture!

This one is a little better, but Shannon is cut out!

And here are the rest of the party people!  041039 038 037

Alex and his old friends.


Avoiding the sun became the task of the day


Some people just decided that staying inside was the way to go!

Thank you for everyone who braved the Chico Heat to come and say safe travels to Alex and I.
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On Saying Goodbye

This is something I’ve been thinking on a lot lately.

This move, while temporary, is also a huge turning point in our lives.  We have to say good bye to not only our beloved California, our home since birth, but to jobs, friends, family, security, and everything that we have ever known.

How does one say Good-bye?

What does it really mean?

What helps you, say goodbye?