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13 days into February

It has been sunny here in Oregon. Cold but sunny. This burst of golden light has helped my mood. I always forget how much the dark and dreary weather affects me. All is not sunshine and roses in my life, but I feel like I can breathe. Anxiety and depression are hard to deal with. They lie to you; one about the future and the other about the past. Neither allows you to be in the present. Neither allows you to stop and smell the roses. Or giraffes as the case may be. Let’s take lessons from bébé and stop and smell the giraffe.


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Three Months In

Time is moving so fast.  Though the days still feel unbearably long.  I have moments when I never want to put bébé down and times when I want someone else to take her just for a little bit so I can be my own person again.


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The weekend has come to an end. I’m not going to lie and say I’m ready to enter my week rested and relaxed, but it was a successful weekend.

Yesterday we helped Jacks and M unpack some of their things at their new place on the East side of Portland. We had dinner last night with them and our friends Emily and James at Two Brothers Cafe.


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