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Oh, December we meet again. 

The fall leaves are alost all gone.

 The 40 degree weather is here to stay.  

The sun is a distant memory.   

This is the happiest time of the year?  

I guess I’m feeling a bit maudlin this first Sunday of December.   Wishing for the crisp cold sunny days of northern California while trying to stay positive in the grey of Oregon is not really working so well for me.  

Every year I post about December.  Sometimes its wish lists.   Sometimes its year end summations.  Sometimes its my tree and all the decorations.  This year is different.   So my December posts should be different too.  

This has been a year of change and discovery.  Relationships have changed so much over the past year it makes my head spin to think on it.  People I would not have ever dreamed of have come into my life and are helping me see the good.  People I never dreamed of hurting me have done so very deeply.  

This December while I reflect on all of this I am also yearning to begin new traditions.  Bebe is my shining light. She will guide me through the darkness of winter.  Focus on her and creating memories is all that really matters.  She has helped me so much already and will continue to do so for the rest of my days.  
Sorry for all the melancholy, but such is the breaks when you have PPD and PPA.  

I hope this December finds all of you well and that you are able to look past the stress of consumerism and find light and love in the holiday season. 

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Manic Monday Music

Manic Monday Music

Here is a song for how I’m feeling right now.

If you want to link up and share a song that explains your day or your week. Or something that is just stuck in your head.

It’s all about making friends.

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Happy Monday.