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Half Way between Four and Five Months

I’ve always been a nervous person.  Having a baby feels like my anxiety has been turned up to 11.  The lack of sleep sure doesn’t help.  Being over 500 miles away from family that loves us doesn’t help.  The heat outside while living in a third floor apartment with no air conditioning doesn’t help.  The raging wild fire that is making ash rain from the sky really doesn’t help.

Things that do help…

  • Admitting I need help
  • Seeing a therapist
  • Having a husband that makes me dinner every night
  • Having a friend who will come take care of your baby when you are sick
  • Going to mom’s group
  • Texting my Mother-in-law all the time
  • Kitties

Kitties beware we have a rolling grabbing bebe on the loose.

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  • Baby cuddles
  • Sewing

Made bebe her first lovie.

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Being a mom is so much more than I ever expected.


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Three Months In

Time is moving so fast.  Though the days still feel unbearably long.  I have moments when I never want to put bébé down and times when I want someone else to take her just for a little bit so I can be my own person again.


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Anxiety Dreams


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First Week of December


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So, I’ve been very bad at posting lately.  Well really for the past few years, but we wont talk about that.  I was getting better this summer with my weekly photo blog posts, which I really liked because I was using my big camera more!  Then this happened…

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My last two weeks…

So much has happened.  Big life changes and a trip to California.

On Monday the 15th of August I left my job!  It was time after being there for three years.  Better things are on the horizon.  Though I will miss some of the children that I left behind.

Here are some photos from the past two weeks!


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My Week in Photos (8-13)



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My Week in Photos (8-6)



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My Week in Photos (July 30)


IMG_1721 IMG_1725

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My Week in Photos (July 23)



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