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13 days into February

It has been sunny here in Oregon. Cold but sunny. This burst of golden light has helped my mood. I always forget how much the dark and dreary weather affects me. All is not sunshine and roses in my life, but I feel like I can breathe. Anxiety and depression are hard to deal with. They lie to you; one about the future and the other about the past. Neither allows you to be in the present. Neither allows you to stop and smell the roses. Or giraffes as the case may be. Let’s take lessons from bébé and stop and smell the giraffe.


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Bebe Room

I’m in love with this floor bed.  So many options for decorating.  Here are a few of the inspirations I’ve been saving up for when we have a second bedroom for bebe.


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Looking towards the future I’m wanting this Kallax 4 X 4 cube shelf from Ikea.  My ideal is to use it in a playroom/craft room and have the bottom shelves for bebe and the top shelves for myself.  Like this inspirational room from SewLiberated.  Of course this is something that is far down the line, but one can dream.

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Clean house Clean mind

I’m coming around to this idea of deep cleaning in the new year.  I love it.  I’m not sure why it never occurred to me before.  I mean I love fresh starts.  I love having a clean organized house.  It makes me feel calm and relaxed when things are put away and everything is clean.  This battles with my anxiety and depression that keeps me laying curled up on the couch.  I sometimes have a panic attack and need to clean before everything feels okay again.   This all being said is a long way to say we cleaned our carpets today.

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Eleven days into Twenty Eighteen 

Life has taken an unexpected turn.

The first week of the new year brought me back to work part time.  bébé and I are still adjusting to this new normal.  Me more so than her.  She is just phenomenal.

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Happy New Year 

Most years I have goals such as loose weight, save money, pay off debt.  All good goals.  All things I need to do this coming year, but this year is different.   Different for so many reasons.  The biggest being Bébé.

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Bebe’s first Christmas 

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Thirty-six Weeks

Day one

For 36 weeks I have been a mother.  36 weeks of trial and error.  36 weeks of amazement.   36 weeks of learning about another human.  36 weeks of learning how to love and accept love.  36 weeks of growing.

36 weeks


Oh, December we meet again.

The fall leaves are alost all gone.

The 40 degree weather is here to stay.

The sun is a distant memory.

This is the happiest time of the year?

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Wordless Wednesday